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"Monster SMASH!" an Original Minigame 🏆First Place Master's Tier WINNER! 🏆

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Furcadia used to hold several contests, including a Dream contest, for every season of the year. As populations dwindled, contests all but stopped. This year, however, a new Dream contest was finally announced for WolfHowl (Fall) 2022. And I had a perfect idea: A simple game with all original graphics and animations. Check out the gallery and video below to explore my project.

The contest results have been announced (Nov. 19, 2022) and Monster Smash secured First Place in the contest!

(16:16:46) James: Speaking of which, let's talk about The Shadow Rider's entry
(16:17:20) James: What an incredible feat of patchwork, and game design skill. You can absolutely tell that TSR is very experienced and it shows in their incredible dream
(16:17:49) James: Most importantly, the game was extremely fun. Please grab your friends and play it! I had a blast testing it with Kitasu
(16:17:55) Wisp Hallows: TSR's patchwork is the toppest of tiers
(16:17:57) Wisp Hallows:(16:17:58) alleycat: shadows patches are gorgeous
(16:18:05) James: There's also a hilarious little pumpkin that laughs when you bump into him... and I LOVE HIM
(16:18:10) The Shadow Rider:(16:18:21) James: Iced can you paste the summary?
(16:18:30) Iced: Absolutely charming! The custom patchwork is absolutely lovely and feels seamless in Furcadia's isometric plane. I was particularly impressed with the curved seating of the log and the firepit. They felt natural in a traditionally diagonal plane and had plenty of space for people to sit.
(16:18:33) Iced: The game itself was also easy to understand, play, and was beautifully coded. The animation of the monsters is fun and adds to the immersion of the game fields. The timer was a great touch, a simple feature that's more complicated than one would think to code! The sound effects were good fun, too. Overall a very fun minigame that really showcases the extent of dream customization.
(16:19:00) Wisp Hallows claps!!
(16:19:11) James: Yeah it was all completely custom, no existing patches were used and it was designed ported over to Furcadia!!! Congrats TSR

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