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"If you're not careful and noclip out of reality in the wrong areas..."

This is a dream that plays not only on the "Backrooms" lore, but also contains areas from my own dreams and places I wish I could escape to. While others find Liminal Space imagery to be creepy, it has an oddly calming effect on myself. This dream contains lots of secrets and uses randomization technology to provide an infinite experience.

Dream Rules:

  • This dream is rated T+ and behavior must not go above this rating.

    • Please avoid vulgar/sexual behavior. This dream is not in FurN and minors will be present.​

  • Drama is inevitable. Please remember that the dream owner/staff are not responsible for policing personal drama between players.

    • Consider avoiding political conversations. We aim to be an escape from the brutal real world.​

  • Harassment of others in the dream is grounds for banishment. If you are being harrassed by another player, you can also report it to Furcadia staff. Don't forget the Silence Rule!

Repeatedly breaking these rules will result in Ejection or even Banishment from the dream.

Dream Credits:


  • Degu's "Roof Pack"

  • Linnet's "Picket Fences"

  • All other patches in this dream are created by The Shadow Rider, Default (or official) to Furcadia, or edited from Default.





JAN 19, 2024

  • Changed the buzz sound to a Music file instead of a Sound file so it can be stopped when entering other areas.

JUNE 7, 2022

  • Added flavortext to the bag on the floor, since it should do something.

  • Added a new special item. This one does something interesting when you Use it.

JUNE 4, 2022

  • Added my own personal area, discoverable as a secret area by wandering the Backrooms.

MAY 31, 2022

  • Minor patch updates.

MAY 30, 2022

  • Added three new secret areas, including finishing that dang bathroom that took me forever.

FEB 3, 2022

  • Added a second secret area.

JAN 22, 2022

  • Added more rooms for less obvious repetition.

  • Added more details like wall outlets and rare random items.

  • Added new secret area. 5% chance to stumble upon it while exploring.

JAN 21, 2022

  • First grand opening!

  • Added the basic backrooms with already functioning pseudo-infinite doors.

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