Starting from a very young age, I had a clear gift for creating art of all kinds. There was never a time when I wasn't making something. My grandmother could tell a million stories of my childhood when I would decorate just about anything in the house with my own characters cut out of paper. Much to the dismay of many teachers, I seemed to never stop drawing, building, or writing.

As I grew up, I couldn't resist the idea of creating characters and bringing them to life. By Third Grade I was writing my own little comic books (one of which would go on to inspire Galacticats), and by 8th grade I had my own childish animated series created painstakingly with Microsoft Paint and Windows Movie Maker.

Into early adulthood, I expanded to making a few bucks with art commissions over the internet, joined the graphics team of my favorite MMORPG creating official game assets, became the videographer, editor, and PowerPoint graphics artist for my church, and started making plans and animating clips for my own, more polished, animated series. During my time in college, I broadened my horizons to music and became an acoustic percussionist, joining an Irish music school and Ceili band. Finally, I got a Bachelor's Degree in Media Informatics with a minor in Computer Information Technology.

Today, my dream is to own my own production company and produce children's cartoons. I want to make things that people can enjoy and look forward to, that stand out from the seemingly homogenized media of today, especially when it comes to children's entertainment. I also enjoy the world of commercials and would love to team up with small businesses to create fun and attention-grabbing advertising.

I appreciate your interest in my work and my story. If you would like to get in touch for business inquiries, feel free to check out my Contact page.

Samantha Davis Photo

It's a long story, really. 13-year old me was so infatuated with Pirates of the Caribbean, that I made my own pirate character: the horseback riding "Shadow Rider". The character has remained a fun persona for me ever since.

Combining the character with my love of Celtic/Irish culture, I translated "The Shadow Rider" to "An Scáth Marcach" in Irish Gaelic. As it is roughly pronounced [on SKAH MAR-keh], I named my production studio phonetically "Scámarca".